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  • Very few winter sports snowboarders and skiers realize their favorite wax can expose them to perfluorochemicals (PFCs). These chemicals can build up in your bloodstream and may cause very serious health risks, ranging from cardiovascular disease, liver damage, hormone disruption and various types of cancer. Why risk it![
  • Raging Goat Speed Wax gets you down the mountain just as quick without the inherit health side effects! Check out our testing videos that use numerous test to show our products are faster without endangering you or the environment.
    Raging Goat Fastest Snowboard Wax

    Raging Goat Fastest Snowboard Wax

  • Update: We have relocated our wax blending and development facilities to Florida. What no mountains? Well hold on for a minute! We have found during the ski/snowboard wax blending and manufacturing process that the high altitude of the Rocky Mountains was adversely affecting our proprietary wax blend melting points. We can’t elaborate further but lets just say we now blend as close to sea level as possible and we achieve superior speed results. We currently blend at 12ft above sea level. So at risk of giving our competitors to many of our speed secret developments and clues we will stop here!


  • Winter Sports athletes involved in Race events typically prefer waxes with large quantities of fluorinated compounds because frankly they make snowboards and skis go faster. This extra slickness and glide may come at a dangerous price. Used primarily by thousands of young ski racers and their parents who unwittingly apply layer upon layer of highly fluorinated race wax throughout the entire ski/snowboard season.
    Typically these are applied without following safe handling procedures. Most often these PFC infused waxes are applied with a hot iron that invariably releases toxic fumes especially when applied in enclosed areas.Raging Goat Race Ski Wax


  • Read the report here from the CDC https://www.cdc.gov/biomonitoring/pdf/pfcs_factsheet.pdf

EPA Warning for Ski Wax Fluorinated CompoundsToxicity

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Raging Goat Fastest ECO Biodegradable Snowboard Wax
Raging Goat Fastest ECO Biodegradable Snowboard Wax
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