Raging Goat Extreme Performance Race Fastest Snowboard and Ski Wax Biodegradable

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Fastest Snowboard Wax Extreme Performance Race Ski Wax

This is what you have been waiting for! Our new Raging Goat Extreme Performance racing fastest biodegradable snowboard wax! We pulled out all the stops to create the fastest all natural environmentally safe ski wax. This stuff is fast. It is not for everyone but if you are craving extreme speed and incredible glide this is for you. The wax works at the sub micron level to impregnate into your ski and snowboard base. Long lasting and durability with speed that is 2nd to none. This bar wax is applied with a standard wax iron and scraped and brushed as usual. 85 grams/3oz size. All natural biodegradable ski and snowboard wax, Created from plant based wax. We use a combiation of Meadowfoam, Soy, Carnuba, Sunflower, Jojoba, and many more plant based waxes to engineer natures finest ski and snowboard wax.This is our normal temperature blend.

Even our dyes go above and beyond Prop 65 requirements by excluding a wide range of ingredients known to be harmful to human health, which means these color dyes are formulated without carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, and acute toxins. They’re also vegan friendlyRaging Goat Race Ski WaxFastest Snowboard Wax

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4.25 × 4.25 × 2.10 in


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