Fastest Snowboard Wax – Raging Goat

Raging Goat Fastest Snowboard Wax Coating

Raging Goat Fastest Snowboard Wax Coating 30ml

Raging Goat Snowboard wax has created the World’s fastest snowboard wax coatings utilizing cutting edge science and laboratory testing all while eliminating fluorinated substances from our products. In fact we never used fluorinated substances and never will! All of our product are biodegradable for maximum environmental preservation. You can do your part to protect our fragile water sources and environment and still go faster than ever with our tested and proven ski and snowboard wax coating products.

Fastest Snowboard Wax-Raging Goat

All of our products and formulas are lab tested to insure your Ski’s and snowboard obtain the maximum speed under the widest variety of snow conditions and temperatures. It does not matter if it is fresh powder or if the snow is wet, sticky and slushy, Raging Goat Speed Wax will get you through with more speed and glide the you ever imagined possible. Why carry around an assortment of temperature rated waxes, Irons and scrapers when you can just apply a thin coat of Raging goat and be on the slopes in minutes. If you allow our product to cure for 48 hours after the application process you will get enhanced longevity and even more performance increases. In the real world you won’t always have 48 hours to spare – No Worries, apply the Raging Goat Wax coating per the instructions and be on the slopes in 15 minutes and still retain 90%+ of the Raging Goat benefits!

Raging Goat Fastest Snowboard Wax

Raging Goat Fastest Snowboard Wax

World’s Fastest Wax Coating

When you get to the flats your friends will be baffled how you carried so much momentum and just glided through long after they have come to a complete stop and are unclipping!

We are working on new formulas that will not need a wax iron to apply – Stay Tuned for more great and innovative products coming soon.

To assure you the best deal, Raging Goat Snowboard Speed Wax is only available directly from us. Go to our SHOP WINTER GEAR Page now to get your supply of Raging Goat Wax coatings today!

Raging Goat Speed Wax is for Snowboards and Ski’s – Proven in Laboratory testing to be the Slickest and Fastest! Raging Goat Snowboard Wax is the fastest snowboard wax coating we have ever tested.

We use multiple test to determine friction, stiction, slickness, water repellency (Hydrophobic qualities) and more…

As you race down the side of your favorite mountain on your snowboard a microscopic layer of water forms between the bottom of your snowboard and the top surface of the snow. Our Raging Goat products are engineered to repel and literally levitate your snowboard on that razer thin sheet of ice water.

Our products are engineered to have superior hydrophobicity to all other non-fluorinated snowboard waxes on the market that we have tested and we are always testing to make sure we are still the best.

All Raging Goat Snowboard Wax Coatings are only available directly from “us” the manufacturer. We do this to insure the high quality of our products and keep your cost and ours as low as possible while delivering a superior product directly to you and with fast shipping!

BEWARE of COUNTERFEIT products, if you did not purchase your Raging Goat products directly from us, it is an inferior counterfeit product! We only sell direct to You so BEWARE of any store/retailer or other online entity selling our brand! If you did not get it here you have wasted your hard earned dollars.

Get the fastest ski wax and fastest snowboard wax today on our order page.

Fastest Snowboard Wax

Raging Goat Fastest ECO Biodegradable Snowboard Wax

Raging Goat Fastest ECO Biodegradable Snowboard Wax

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Raging Goat Fastest ECO Biodegradable Snowboard Wax
Raging Goat Fastest ECO Biodegradable Snowboard Wax
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