Here at the Raging Goat research center we strive to create and improve the fastest plant based ski wax and snowboard waxes in the world.

fastest plant based ski wax
Fastest Plant Based Ski Wax

We tirelessly blend multiple plant based waxes searching for the magic ratio that optimizes ski speed in virtually all conditions. Our chemist will never be satisfied or complacent with our research/work ethic. We don’t think we will find a faster and better combination, we know we will find a faster and better combination of waxes! We are the fastest for now but always trying to improve. It is just a matter of time. We invest a substantial amount of time seeking all things fast for snowboards and skis. And when we create a faster ski/snowboard wax formula you can be sure we will bring that new formula to market as quickly as possible!

While trying to save our environment from the damage caused by paraffins and perfluoro chemicals (PFCs) we found plant based waxes to be the best solution to make snowboarders and skier’s happy. But most plant based waxes are not great for speed on the snow. We have tirelessly blended 100’s maybe even 1000’s of combinations of plant waxes to get your snowboard and skis going as fast as possible while keeping man made poisons out of our water supply.

Fastest Plant Based Snowboard and Ski Waxes that are Biodegradeable and Eco Friendly.

Take a visit to our products page to pick up some Raging Goat Wax for your upcoming trip to the slopes. It does not matter if you are heading to Breckenridge, Park City, Tahoe or Steamboat our products work great everywhere. Even on the unforgiving manmade ice/snow in the eastern parts of the U.S.

Raging Goat is the fastest non paraffin/ Non Fluoro ski wax.

Throw your planet earth killing paraffin based waxes away at your local hazmat disposal facility and step up to Raging goat fastest snowboard waxes.

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Raging Goat Fastest ECO Biodegradable Snowboard Wax
Raging Goat Fastest ECO Biodegradable Snowboard Wax
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